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Tapiola Tennis Group Coaching Rules

When confirming a place in the tennis coaching organized by Tapiola Tennis, the player accepts and agrees to follow the following principles:


Coaching is organized annually during the indoor season from August to June (Tapiolan Tennispuisto groups from August 15 to May 31 and Esport Center groups from August 1 to June 15). 

Training groups

At the beginning of the season, each player is assigned to a group. This group will be the player’s regular group to practice in. The groups are formed before the start of the season by player level, with a goal to have players on similar levels in the same group.

Our group coaching is usually done in groups of four players. Players can also participate in coaching on alternate weeks, in which case both players will be billed at 50%. Other types of arrangements must be agreed with the Head Coach, Jani Jankkila

Tapiola Tennis preserves the right to make changes to the coaching groups in the middle of the season.

Absence of the player

The player commits to the group sessions for the entire season (spring and fall). However, the player has the right to suspend her/his participation in coaching after the fall season, if she/he informs the head coach of her/his absence no later than November 15th.

Tapiolan Tennis uses the Tennis Club platform, through which the player can store a single exercise in advance if she/he is unable to attend. The exercise must be stored at least 48 hours before the training, in which case the player will receive credit to use for other players’ stored exercises, which are either the same or a one level lower category than the player’s own level. The player can cancel a replacement training 24 hours before the start of the training. The player has also the right to ask another player in her/his place in case of absence, provided that the substitute’s playing skills are approximately the same level. In this case, the players agree on compensation among themselves. 

If the player is injured or ill, the coaching fees during the absence can be reimbursed based on the medical certificate certifying the injury or illness and the period specified. The medical certificate must be submitted to the head coach or via email at

The Board of Tapiola Tennis can also approve the suspension of coaching upon separate application, if the player moves at least 50 km away from the coaching location.

The player does not have the obligation to report his occasional absences to the coach or the head coach.

Coaches’ absence

If the coach is unable to attend the coaching session due to illness or another reason, Tapiola Tennis will try to arrange a substitute coach. If this is not possible, the coaching groups train independently in a mutually agreed upon manner. The courts are always available despite the coach’s absence. Tapiola Tennis compensates for the coach’s absences by reimbursing the coaching session in question.

Coaching fees

Tapiola Tennis ry invoices the coaching fees for each season as a one-time invoice. Any refunds will be refunded within about a month after the end of the coaching season.

The player agrees to pay the coaching fees in full according to the invoice. The obligation is not affected by how many times the player has attended the coaching sessions. The refunds mentioned in section 3 must be requested by the player on their own initiative and in advance.

Membership in Tapiola Tennis Association

Coaching is organized only for members of Tapiola Tennis ry who have paid the membership fee. A player who wants to participate in the coaching of Tapiola Tennis, but is not yet a member of the club, must send the membership application before admitted to attend the coaching sessions.


Matters related to coaching are announced on the club’s website or in the newsletters sent to the members.

Welcome to Tapiola Tennis Group Coaching!