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Tapiola Tennis Club Membership Terms

Tapiola Tennis Club is a registered association that organizes tennis-related events, competitions and supports its members’ tennis hobby by offering services. 


As a member of Tapiola Tennis, you can participate in activities organized by the club.

You can join TaTe by submitting the membership application. By submitting the application, you agree to pay the membership fee.

Shortly after we receive your application, you will in turn receive an invoice from us by e-mail (60€/40€ for those under 35 yrs old during that particular calendar year). Please note that this is also the membership fee for the calendar year in question. Your membership will renew automatically each year unless you cancel it. Membership fee invoices (50€/30€ per year for those under 35 yrs old during that calendar year) are sent by email at the beginning of the year.

Life situations vary and you may want to terminate your club membership at some point. The resignation must be made in writing by sending the resignation message to this address The resignation will take effect from the beginning of the following calendar year, i.e. 1.1. The membership fee for the year of resignation must be paid in full.

Corporate membership

Tapiola Tennis also offers corporate memberships. These memberships entitle two (2) persons to be named as members of our tennis club. Through your corporate membership, you get visibility for your company, for example, on Tapiola Tennis website, communications and events organized by the club.

The price of company membership is 300€ per calendar year. More information available from the chairman of the board of Tapiola Tennis, Matti Laamanen, +35840 485 8880.

Welcome to Tapiola Tennis Club!